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Bilal Powell’s value to the Jets is highlighted during absence

Bilal Powell has been grossly underrated for much of his career with the Jets. It seems like even those inside the organization sometimes overlook how valuable the running back is. During his time with the Jets, they seemed to always be looking for someone else — Chris Ivory, Chris Johnson, Matt Forte or Isaiah Crowell.

But the past six weeks have shown Powell’s value again. There are so many reasons the Jets offense is struggling, but it is no coincidence Powell has been missing for this putrid stretch after injuring his neck on Oct. 21 against the Vikings, the first game in this six-game losing streak. The Jets are 3-4 with Powell and 0-5 without him this season.

If you want to know how much the Jets coaches trust Powell, pay attention to third downs. He was almost always in the game because he could block, run and catch. Now, it looks like the Jets are trying to figure out who they can trust to fill that role.

Powell is not flashy. He is never going to lead the league in rushing or be a key member of your fantasy team. But he is a good football player, and the Jets miss him badly.

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