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Browns and Jets fans fight in Thursday Night Football

The Cleveland Browns and New York Jets were battling for victory on the field Thursday night.

One fan from each respective team was brawling in the stands. The Browns fans, who appeared to be wearing a Kellen Winslow Jr. jersey, was on the losing end of the fight when a Good Samaritan came to his defense by ‘Goosing’ the Jets attacker.

It is unknown who initiated the fight or what led to its origin. It is completely uncharacteristic of rival NFL fans to engage in an altercation. When has there ever been an instance of drunk fans involved in a fight? It almost never happens. If it felt like this paragraph was oozing with sarcasm, pat yourself on the back, because that was correct. This will be the last fight to be shown until next week when it undoubtedly happens again.

The NFL is sponsored by Bud Light. Following the 21-17 victory against the Jets, Bud Light opened their victory fridges for fans to enjoy in a post-game celebratory beverage. The fight may not have even been the most entertaining off-field spectacle. A fan in the stands caught a possum with his bare hands and then waited for a stadium attendant to come along with a box to relocate the pest.

The Browns moved to 1-1-1 on the season after the win. They opened the season with a tie to the Pittsburgh Steelers and followed that up with a loss to the New Orleans Saints.

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