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How sweet it will be for Jets to shut up classless Kirk Cousins

Is there a Jets fan alive who doesn’t crave seeing the Jets defense dismantle Kirk Cousins and the Vikings on Sunday at MetLife Stadium and then ask the Minnesota quarterback this:
“You like that?!?’’

Forget that a win over the 3-2-1 Vikings would be a third consecutive victory for the young, upstart Jets, who would get to 4-3 and be in the thick of the AFC East race nearly midway through the season.

The delicious byproduct would be sticking it to Cousins, who not only spurned an outlandish free-agent contract offer of $90 million guaranteed over three years from the Jets in March, but then bragged about using them as leverage to up the Minnesota offer on a video that was posted for public consumption and — as it turned out — Jets embarrassment.

In the video, Cousins tells his wife, Julie, that “the Jets came up to 30 [million], fully guaranteed, three-year deal.”

Her response: “Whoa.”

Cousins then said, “So now we have what we wanted. [His agent, Mike McCartney] has to do the same thing with the Vikings. He’s got to get them from 25 to a number that is competitive with the Jets’ offer. But the fact that we have the Jets offer is huge. Now it gives the other teams a reason to come up.”

The end game was the Vikings upping their offer from $25 million to $28 million per year guaranteed, which Cousins agreed to.

That the video, which contained information from confidential conversations that would be embarrassing to the Jets, was signed off on to be posted to the public is — if we’re cutting the Vikings a break for being absent-minded — a clueless oversight.

But if we’re being more realistic, it was classless.

At the very least, it was cringeworthy.

Then this from Cousins in an interview about why he chose to sign with the Vikings: “Ultimately, the leadership of the organization is what set it apart.”

How exactly he would have any clue about the leadership in the Jets’ organization is curious because Cousins opted not to take a half day out of his self-important schedule to meet Jets owner Christopher Johnson, general manager Mike Maccagnan and/or coach Todd Bowles.

So he left $6 million on the table to go to Minnesota. He chose the Mall of America over Manhattan, Olive Garden over Il Mulino.

Good for him.

And good for the Jets, who are on much better path — for now and the future — with their rookie quarterback Sam Darnold. Sometimes the moves you don’t make in life are the most important ones you make.

Therein lies the three-pronged silver lining in this for the Jets:

  • Had they signed Cousins, who owns a pedestrian 29-32-2 record as an NFL starting quarterback, they’d have never traded up to No. 3 in the draft and picked Darnold.
  • They wouldn’t have the truckload of salary-cap money, which is expected to be about $90 million, to spend this offseason had they given all that guaranteed dough to Cousins.
  • And, Cousins was apprehensive about playing for the Jets because he was afraid he wouldn’t be able to handle the pressure and expectations of the New York fans and media. He was scared. Scared doesn’t play well in New York. Never has.

Cousins, it should be noted, is in his seventh NFL season and fourth as a full-time starter, and has as many playoff wins on his résumé as Darnold, who’s played in six NFL games. Cousins lost both playoff games he’s played in by a combined score of 55-32.

So there’s that.

Kirk CousinsGetty Images

How delicious would it be for the Jets to exact sweet revenge on Cousins on Sunday with Darnold, who’s improving every week, outplaying the $84 million man?

Revenge is a dish best served cold. The high on Sunday is expected to be about 52 degrees.

Cousins fancies himself as a player with a chip on his shoulder. In 2015, after he helped lead the Redskins to a 31-30 win over Tampa Bay after they trailed 24-0, he became best known for that rant in front of cameras that caught him screaming to no one in particular as he trotted to the locker room, “You like that?!?’’

The 75,000 or so fans who’ll be at the game Sunday have a chance to show the chip on their collective shoulders and show Cousins what he’s missing — other than that $6 million he left on the table.

When Cousins was about to sign with the Vikings, McCartney waxed on about how he was going to a place where people are “Minnesota Nice.”

Jets fans, if you have one task on Sunday it is this: Show Cousins what “Meadowlands Nice’’ is.

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