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It is time for a brand new regime in 2019 to correct issues

Make no mistake about it, the New York Jets need a brand new regime in 2019 to correct all the issues that the franchise currently faces for a brighter future.

As much as it hurts to say, it looks like the New York Jets have regressed big time in 2018. It was supposed to be a season filled with growing pains but to see what the identity of the franchise would be but a lot of bad football and abysmal losses have ultimately defined the team.

The Jets have a relatively young roster but the problem is, they lack consistent talent in key areas and have major issues in regards to coaching in every aspect of the game. From head coach Todd Bowles to offensive coordinator Jeremy Bates, they lack the basic fundamentals on what it takes to properly prepare and make the right in-game adjustments in the heat of the moment.

Even general manager Mike Maccagnan, a man that was heralded as a “draft guru” before coming to the Jets, has fallen flat in the majority of his draft picks. Outside of top talent that was available to draft in the first round, Maccagnan has had lackluster returns from all his mid to late round draft picks.

Many of these players drafted by Maccagnan in those arounds aren’t even on the team anymore which all falls on him. From draft busts to players that aren’t even good enough to stick around on the Jets practice squad, Maccagnan has proven he is incapable of doing what is needed to build a championship roster through the draft.

There is nothing that proves that Maccagnan is worth trusting in 2019 when the Jets will once again have over $100 million in salary cap space to work with. This past offseason, Maccagnan offered a massive deal for cornerback Trumaine Johnson and so far, it’s looking like that was a terrible mistake. Same goes with Spencer Long and even Isaiah Crowell, players that just simply aren’t cutting it.

It’s best the Jets completely clean house this upcoming offseason and hire the right people to put the franchise back in a better place.  The Jets can’t afford to have lackluster coaching when it comes to their future franchise quarterback in Sam Darnold or risk not bringing in the right supporting cast around him for his development due to a bad general manager. It’s been three years with not much to show for it under this regime as it’s time to start over from an operational perspective and make a statement that enough is enough.

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