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Jacksonville Jaguars considered trading Dante Fowler Jr. to New York Jets before making deal with Los Angeles Rams

The Jacksonville Jaguars considered trading pass-rusher Dante Fowler Jr. to the Jets, but New York failed to produce an offer as competitive as the Los Angeles Rams‘, sources tell ESPN.

The Jaguars were asking teams for two third-round draft picks for Fowler, according to sources. The Rams offered a third-round pick in 2019 and a fifth-round pick in 2020, which were the terms of the final deal.

As late in the day as 30 minutes before Tuesday’s trade deadline of 4 p.m. ET, the Jets offered a third-round pick and a fifth-round pick as well, but they wanted a fourth-round pick in return, according to sources.

Even though the Jets’ picks were more appealing, New York declined to budge on its request to have a fourth-round pick sent back along with Fowler, so the Jaguars decided to trade him to the Rams.

Fowler, who will become an unrestricted free agent after this season, is expected to make his Rams debut on Sunday against the New Orleans Saints.

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