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Jamal Adams says Todd Bowles isn’t the problem

People want the New York Jets to fire Head Coach Todd Bowles. Jets safety Jamal Adams defended Bowles by saying that he isn’t the problem.

The New York Jets suffered an embarrassing loss to the Buffalo Bills on Sunday and once again, questions about Head Coach Todd Bowles were brought up. The Jets are now 3-7 and have lost four in a row.

On Tuesday, Jets safety Jamal Adams was critical of the Jets culture in an appearance on WFAN.

In an interview with Tyler Dunne of Bleacher Report in August, Adams said that the Jets team last year had a losing vibe and the players were doing the bare minimum.

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When asked if that had changed, Adams said it hadn’t, via Rich Cimini of ESPN:

“Honestly, I could sit here and sugarcoat everything, but things have not changed. Obviously, we’re still losing. I’m not saying we have guys like that in our locker room, but at the same time, it’s not changing. It hasn’t changed. We’re still losing.At the end of the day, we’re going to get it fixed. The sun will shine.”

When asked if the team had quit, Adams said that he doesn’t know and that he’s not quitting, per Brian Costello of the New York Post:

“You can only say so much. People come from different backgrounds. I was asked a question after the game if guys are going to quit. That’s something that I cannot control. Obviously, as one of the leaders on the team, I can do my best to change people’s mindsets and how they go about their business. But at the end of the day, everybody is a grown man. I damn sure won’t quit.”

After Sunday’s loss, Jets head coach Todd Bowles is on the hot seat.

Fans have called for Bowles to be fired.

However, the Jets aren’t planning to fire Bowles right now. A source told Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News that “it’s a foregone conclusion” that he won’t be the head coach beyond 2018.”

Adams defended his head coach by saying that Bowles isn’t the problem, per Darryl Slater of

“Obviously, things are not right right now. At the end of the day, the coaches are not on the field. Everything they ran, we practiced during practice. No one came to play. They kept running the same plays, and we just weren’t stopping it. T. Bowles is not the problem. I’m going to keep saying it.”

I agree with Adams in that Bowles isn’t the Jets problem, although he may be part of the problem.

Sam Darnold isn’t developing and getting better as he should be and doesn’t have any receivers.

The Jets have a bad offensive line, which needs to be fixed, and they aren’t playing very well as they have lost four straight.

Bowles isn’t on the field playing so he shouldn’t get all the blame for the Jets struggles.

In four yeas as coach of the Jets, Bowles is 23-35.

Gang Green has never made the playoffs with Bowles as their coach.

However, firing Bowles wouldn’t fix Gang Green’s problems and make them instant winners.

Right now, Gang Green needs to focus on improving as a team and trying to win games and worry about Bowles after the season is over.

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So while people are calling for Bowles to be fired, don’t blame him for all of the Jets problems, because he isn’t the main problem.

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