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Jeremy Bates should be demoted as offensive coordinator

The New York Jets have some serious problems when it comes to their offensive playcalling. During their bye week, they should demote offensive coordinator Jeremy Bates.

It’s no secret that the New York Jets offense is atrocious. It’s so bad, kids playing Madden NFL 19 can call better offensive gameplans than offensive coordinator Jeremy Bates. Every week it’s the same boring, uninspired, and terrible offensive plays and since the Jets are currently on their bye week, it’s best that head coach Todd Bowles make a big change to his coaching staff.

Bowles, who is being retained by Jets ownership to finish out the season, should at least relieve Bates of his offensive coordinator duties. It’s not working and hasn’t been able to keep those chains moving or even consistently score touchdowns for weeks now.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Surely, Bowles has to understand that anyone else at this point in time during the regular season, is better at calling offensive plays than Bates.

Ideally, Bowles should demote Bates and keep him just as his quarterback’s coach. Since the Jets have more than enough time before their Week 12 matchup at home in MetLife Stadium against the New England Patriots, they should find a new offensive coordinator and install a better system.

The Jets have nothing to lose at this point in time by installing a new offensive system since clearly, they aren’t going to the NFL Playoffs. They’ll probably not even win more than a game or two tops so essentially, changing things up on offense catered to the strengths of their offensive players might provide a much-needed spark.

Overall, something has to give on offense. It’s time to demote Bates, try something new and actually fun on offense, and do whatever it takes to win as many games as possible before the season is over. With six games left to play, what do the Jets have to lose by changing offensive coordinators in yet another straight losing season?

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