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Jets Deny That They’ll Try To Woo Milk Fiend Jim Harbaugh

Photo: Gregory Shamus (Getty Images)

Though this isn’t as strange a rumor as Condoleezza Rice to the Browns, ProFootballTalk’s Mike Florio says a league source told him that after the season concludes, the New York Jets want to throw a buttload of money at Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh and see if he’s interested. Huh!

Although Harbaugh is the Michigan Man-est Michigan Man that ever Michigan Manned, Florio hints that he might be vulnerable this offseason because of how long he’s been coaching in Ann Arbor. Harbaugh left each of his former posts at Stanford and the 49ers after four seasons, and he’s finishing up his fourth season with the Wolverines. The coach also hasn’t won a Big Ten title or beaten rival Ohio State in any of his campaigns, so maybe he’d be looking to go somewhere else for more money. The Jets are more of a shitshow, but there’d be lowered expectations, and they have Sam Darnold, a young quarterback who needs molding. Current head coach Todd Bowles has had three straight seasons of double-digit losses, so a change for the team would make sense.

Both parties are publicly dismissing any chance of this happening, however. Earlier this month, Harbaugh went on the record and said he’d be staying at Michigan. As we all know, a college football coach’s word goes quite far. In response to today’s report, the Jets focused on the present:

This is true: Todd Bowles is the Jets’ head coach. For now.

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