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Jets New Uniforms Supposedly “Leaked” Are U-G-L-Y


Jets New Uniforms Leak Online, Could Be Fake
After images of the Jets uniform leaked online this week, many fans wish they would go with the color-rush unis instead. (Photo: USA TODAY Sports)

Leave it to the Twitterverse to take something that may not be real and run with it, but then we wouldn’t have anything to talk about would we? 

Supposed leaked images of the Jets new uniforms have appeared online, and let’s just say Jets fans better cross their fingers these are fake. 

The green jersey features a bizarre numerical scheme that look like they were lifted from the Toronto Blue Jays jersey’s from the mid-90’s, black parallel lines on the sleeves, a black Nike checkmark, and a even weirder NYJ word mark over the left breast that is painted black and stretched out to look like a streaking plane, but, instead, it looks like someone scribbled NJIT across the jersey. 

Even worse, the uniform is complete with black and green pants and a green helmet that features, what we assume, is the tail of a plane on each side of the helmet that makes it look more like a Philadelphia Eagles helmet. 

Already the uniform has received a lot of negative backlash on Twitter, with many fans hoping that it is fake. 

The Jets are not expected to reveal their new threads until April when the 2019 NFL schedule is released, so until then one has to assume that these “leaked” images are indeed fake. 

The Jets have said in the past they wanted a new image, but this is such a stark contrast from everything the franchise has done in the past that it would be beyond shocking if this was indeed the uniform. 

Then again Nike has become notorious of late for drastically changing team uniforms to the point that the club’s identity is lost.  The Buccaneers digital clock uniforms have been widely panned by fans and media alike, with many wishing the team would go back to their pervious uniform. The Miami Dolphins drastically altered their uniform in 2013 when they got rid of the classic logo for the swimming Dolphin look. Even with an update this year, it feels like something is still wrong with the Dolphins uniform. The Seahawks uniform doesn’t have any character since they went away from their classic royal blue and silver look, and the Jaguars recently had to dump the two-toned helmet that Nike came up with. And don’t get me started on the Cleveland Browns and Tennessee Titans new threads also done by Nike. 

Of course we won’t know for sure until April, but in all honestly there was nothing wrong with the way the Jets uniform looked the past 20 seasons. It was a classic look that harkened back to the franchise’s maiden Super Bowl voyage. A perfect blend of green and white that sat right next to some of the more classic uniforms in the NFL. It is sad that this look will now be retired to mothballs. 

Maybe in five years the Jets will wake up and bring the “old” look back. 

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