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Jets Place Three On PFF Week 5 Team Of The Week

Pro Football Focus grades are stupid*, unless they praise the Jets, in which case they’re brilliant. This is such an obvious statement it hardly bears mentioning. This week Pro Football Focus deviated from its weekly stupid stature and against all odds morphed into brilliance beyond compare.

It’s been said many times already, but the New York Jets week 5 victory over the Denver Broncos was a total team effort. This is reflected in the PFF Week 5 NFL Team of the Week. In a rare and wondrous occasion, the Jets placed three players on the Team of the Week; one on offense, one on defense, and one on special teams.

On offense, Isaiah Crowell’s record setting 219 yard effort earned him PFF honors, as Crowell earned the second highest PFF grade of the week by an offensive player.

On defense, you might have expected Leonard Williams to make an appearance here. If so, you would be barking up the wrong tree. Morris Claiborne takes the honors as PFF’s so called flex player on defense, getting credit for his four passes defended on the day.

Rounding out the honorees is Andre Roberts on special teams in recognition of his 51 yard punt return and 17.8 yard punt return average for the day.

Three Jets players honored by PFF in one week, covering all three phases of the game, is a rare case of keen insight and uncommon sagacity we probably won’t see again from PFF, which is of course ordinarily dumb as rocks* on a weekly basis because they don’t praise Jets players enough. Since we are unlikely to see such a display of blinding brilliance at least for another blue moon or two, enjoy the fleeting feeling of basking in PFF’s uncharacteristic adulation.

*Any references herein to the intelligence, or lack thereof, of PFF or any individuals employed thereby or associated therewith are intended as parody. As such it goes without saying, which is why we are saying it, that any and all inferences regarding parity are void on their face, as well as any other body parts, and are of no force or effect, or even affect. The author does not now nor has he ever had any actual knowledge, including, without limitation, knowledge regarding the intelligence or lack thereof, of PFF or any individuals employed thereby or associated therewith. For all the author knows, all such organizations and/or individuals are of no lesser intelligence than any random organization or individual, although we can make no warranty, either express or implied, regarding their intelligence or lack thereof. The opinions expressed herein are not to be taken seriously by any reasonable reader; unreasonable readers should feel free to take them extremely seriously. These opinions are void where prohibited by law or common sense. Any resemblance to the truth contained herein is purely coincidental, and highly unlikely. All renditions should be taken with a grain of salt, unless the reader is on a low sodium diet, in which case they should be taken with grain alcohol. No animals or plants have been harmed in the making of this disclaimer, though some may have been insulted. All rights reserved; wrongs feel free to go wild. Not recommended for people with taste. People without taste might consider the aforementioned grain of salt. Reproduction strictly prohibited, yet population growth continues unabated. All sales final; barters eligible for exchange.

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