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New York requests to interview Cowboys’ Kris Richard

Kris Richard is so good at his job, literally every team in the NFL would love nothing more than for him to serve as their head coach.

But if the New York Jets have their way, he could be poached from the Cowboys very soon.

NFL journalist Tom Pelissero reported that the New York team has requested to interview Richard as a potential to serve as their head coach next season.

Shortly after Pelissero broke the story, however, Calvin Watkins of The Atlantic revealed that the Cowboys have granted permission to the Jets to interview Richard. Additionally, ESPN has just confirmed that the Miami Dolphins have requested an interview with Richard, as well.

Though Richard is certainly in-demand as a potential head coach, EVP Jones has made clear that the Cowboys “certainly want to keep him,” and will indeed work toward that end.

As of this writing, eight head coaches in the NFL are currently on the unemployment line, which provides the perfect opportunity for assistant head coaches like Richard to move up.

Former New York Jets head coach Todd Bowles is one such unemployed coach, who was fired after the team’s 26-6 loss to the New England Patriots. At the time Bowles was fired, the Jets had lost 9 out of 11 games.

While Kris Richard cannot serve as an assistant head coach for any other team outside of the Cowboys while he’s still under contract to the team, he can take a head coach position if he so chooses. The Cowboys would not be able to veto this move, since it wouldn’t be considered a “lateral” move.

It is unclear if the New York Jets — or the Miami Dolphins — are interviewing him for their respective head coaching positions.

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