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Todd Bowles is not on the hot seat due to current record

At 3-4, the New York Jets have a lot off work ahead if they are to turn things around and be a playoff-contending team. Due to their current record, head coach Todd Bowles is not on the hot seat.

The New York Jets were a mess when head coach Todd Bowles entered into the scene. It’s safe to say that Bowles has not had much success in the past year. With a new big name quarterback and some decent high quality wins this season, Bowles appears to be leading them somewhere, mostly thanks to their future franchise quarterback in Sam Darnold.

Bowles can be read to show no emotion, however, that emotion was shown in some sort of happiness when asked about Darnold earlier this year. Sometimes your players can save you, and it’s really not fair to fire Bowles because let’s face it, he wasn’t given much to work with in the first place.

Bowles has a lot more talent and opportunities this season, although patience is definitely required and not completely depending on Darnold to do all the work. It’s safe to say it’s a lot easier on Bowles to coach when he has guys who are more than capable of going out there and actually giving him things he can be happy about as a coach.

Winning against an underrated Detroit team in Week 1 was a huge breath of fresh air, and the two wins in a row at home recently gave Bowles some relief as a coach to say they are getting somewhere. It’s not easy when you coach and no results show, however, Bowles cannot be on the hot seat when he’s had much success even if it’s a mere few games that he can hold on to.

The Jets are 3-4 on the season and have some hope that a foundation is being built for a bright future once everything falls into place. Also, it would disrupt the locker room if Bowles were fired in the middle of the season, giving the players another hole they need to fill and an unwelcome change for many who respect him.

A win is a win, and this season, no one expected the Jets to be Super Bowl champions and if you did, those are simply unrealistic expectations. Bowles is working well with the guys he has, and some positive results are showing even if it is a few wins here and there. Due to this, his job is safe as it’s important to keep him at the helm once the Jets have a better roster in place to make a serious run in the future.

All in all, the Jets and their fans are definitely getting more production and it is thanks to Bowles and of course Darnold that things are looking up from here. Yes, it’s a process, however, Rome was not built in a day. Bowles is taking what he’s been given, and for a team that was horrible last year, the Jets are on their way back to where they want to be. Patience is key in all this.

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