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Trumaine Johnson is not performing to his contract

Trumaine  Johnson signed a large free agent contract with the New York Jets. His performance thus far has not lived up to the hype and value.

There was a lot of talk during the previous offseason about the New York Jets and the money available for free agents. The team was near the top of the league in cap space and fans were excited.

Much of that money went to cornerback Trumaine Johnson. He signed a five-year, $72,500,000 contract, including $45,000,000 of that guaranteed.

The hype behind his arrival was huge. He was the best cornerback the Jets have boasted since Darrelle Revis. His ability to play press man coverage would be a huge addition to the secondary.

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The performance, however, has not been anywhere near what was expected.

Let’s look at the numbers, courtesy of Pro Football Focus (subscription required).

So far in 2018, Johnson has been targeted 20 times and allowed 12 receptions, a 60% completion rate. But if you take out week one, it’s even worse.

Remove the game against Detroit and he has been targeted 13 times, allowing nine receptions, a 69% completion rate.

He is also giving up chunks of yardage. Johnson is allowing 15.9 yards per reception, which is hardly elite.

Johnson has allowed receptions of at least 16 yards in each game, and it culminated in him getting torched by Donte Moncrief for 67 yards:

Does that look like a top press cornerback to you? Me neither. Trumaine Johnson got toasted on that play. Badly.

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Johnson isn’t using his man skills much. He isn’t getting physical within the first five yards, instead leaving a huge cushion for opposing receivers.

Now, could that be the scheme of Kacy Rodgers and Todd Bowles? Possibly, but it doesn’t seem like it.

History has shown that Bowles likes physical corners, like Darrelle Revis. In Arizona he worked with the likes of Patrick Peterson. It wouldn’t seem that he wants Johnson to play with his hands off.

For some reason, Johnson is playing less physical and allowing receivers more room to roam. It is resulting in bad results on his side of the field. He’s got to get a jam on these opponents.

These chunk plays look bad. They look bad for Trumaine and they look bad for the Jets for giving him so much money.

He made Donte Moncrief look like Jerry Rice this past Sunday. That is not what is expected from a number one cornerback.

It’s hard to believe I am saying this but if Johnson plays this badly all season it will not look good for Maccagan on his overall resume.



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