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USC Denying Kingsbury Interview is a Gift for Jets

Kliff Kingsbury won't be the Jets HC Thanks to USC
Thanks to USC, Kliff Kingsbury won’t interview for the Jets job … unless he quits USC. (Photo: USA TODAY Sports)

 Well it appears Jamal Adams won’t get his wish after all.

The University of Southern California informed the Jets and Arizona Cardinals that their offensive coordinator Kliff Kingsbury will not be made available to interview for their head coach vacancies.

The Jets should take this as welcome news.

Heading into Saturday’s interview with former Packers coach Mike McCarthy, the Jets have spent a lot of time requesting and conducting interviews with seemingly inferior coaching candidates in what should be the most important head coaching hire in Jets history.

With a young, promising quarterback in Sam Darnold, and $100 million in cap space, the Jets can ill afford to get this wrong. There is so much at stake with this job that turning it into a defacto entry-level position is beyond inappropriate. In fact it is asinine.

The attraction to Kingsbury as an NFL head coach is so befuddling. Yes, he is young, in the mold of Sean McVay and Matt Nagy, but Kingsbury has never coached in the NFL. Ever. He has never been a quarterback coach or offensive coordinator for anybody in the NFL.

The only experience he had in the NFL was a brief three-year tenure bouncing around practices squads in the early 2000s. That is it.

At Texas Tech, where he was a standout college quarterback, he was welcomed as a returning hero to coach his alma mater and produced less than stellar results. He had only one winning season, his first year in 2013, and four seasons of seven or more losses for an overall record of 35-40. He was 19-35 in the Big 12.

A lot of people point to the fact that he coached current Chiefs superstar quarterback Patrick Mahomes, mediocre journeyman Case Keenum and complete bust Johnny Manziel, all while they were in college, but honestly who cares?

Mahomes is a freak of nature whose skill set has been molded and adjusted for the NFL by Andy Reid, not Kliff Kingsbury. I won’t even waste ink on Manziel and Keenum.

Now the news is that Kingsbury is going to try to one-up USC Athletic Director Lynn Swann by quitting his offensive coordinator’s job that he took in December.

If he thinks quitting USC will make him an attractive NFL head coaching candidate, he can forget it.

If the Jets are still intrigued about making him the head of their football team if he pulls a Josh McDaniels-eque disappearing act on USC, they need their heads examined. As a quarterback coach or Offensive Coordinator? Maybe. But not head coach.

So please Jets, enough with settling for mediocrity.

Kliff Kingsbury isn’t the answer as a head coach. Neither is Baylor’s Matt Rhule who owns a record of 8-17 for the Bears in two seasons. Stop flirting with the Jim Caldwell’s, Todd Monken’s and Eric Bienemy’s of the world. Enough.

And please don’t let that Adam Gase interview be anything more than nit-picking the Dolphins.

It is time for the Jets to get serious about their head-coaching search.

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