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Were they truly unprepared against the Cleveland Browns?

As the New York Jets have licked their wounds enough and move onto another Week 4 road game, were they truly unprepared against the Cleveland Browns in their epic Week 3 loss?

When it comes to football, it’s always a rule to remember that it’s “Any Given Sunday” in which any team can leave a game victorious, even if they’re an extreme underdog. Such is the case for the Cleveland Browns who surprised the football world in their Week 3 win over the New York Jets. Was it that the Browns were a far more talented team or just that the Jets weren’t prepared for what transpired in the game?

As we all know, once quarterback Tyrod Taylor left the game due to a concussion injury, it was all about Baker Mayfield. The rookie quarterback entered into a game in which his Browns were down but not out. He orchestrated an epic comeback and stunned the Jets due to everything he brought to the table.

The Jets ended up losing and well, once again back to being a laughingstock across the NFL. Many years from now, besides the infamous “butt fumble” thanks to quarterback Mark Sanchez, the Jets will forever be remembered as the team that broke the Browns losing streak that lasted for two years.

Jets safety Jamal Adams said that the team was unprepared for Mayfield but head coach Todd Bowles quickly cleared up any and all confusion about if that had any ring of truth to it. Here is what Bowles said about the comments Adams made about the team being unprepared for Mayfield, courtesy of the Media Relations Department of the Jets:

He misspoke. He didn’t mean it, and he’s a young player. Part of having a young player as a leader, sometimes he’s going to have growing pains. It’s a teachable moment, he understands that and we talked about it.

Bowles then was then asked by the media if it’s a bad look that one of his star players said the team wasn’t prepared. His response was rather interesting, this is also courtesy of the Media Relations Department of the Jets:

It’s not a bad look. It’s a young player, I know what he meant. Our team knows what he meant, and we moved on from there. It’s not a bad look, it’s part of a young player getting older and dealing with the media. He’s going to have some growing pains, but we’ll work through them and he’ll be fine.

In the grand scheme of things, the comments made by Adams were better left unsaid. It doesn’t add any value to the simple fact that the Jets lost to a Browns team that was underrated and simply wanted it more. Adams is just 22-years-old and undoubtedly learned a valuable lesson that one can’t say his team was unprepared during a regular season football game in front of the media. Especially for the media in New York, the sports capital of the world.

Even if the Jets had no clue on what to do in regards to going up against Mayfield, it’s just not good publicity to say something like that. On the flip side, everyone knows the Jets looked and acted unprepared once Mayfield was in the game. It is what it is, the Jets lost, and now everyone will be moving onto Week 4 on the regular season calendar.

At the end of the day, the Jets lost a game that got them a lot of embarrassment and bad publicity for being “that team” that will go down in the NFL history books for being the first to lose to the Browns. All they can do is continue on the task at hand and that is another date on the road against the Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday. Whether they were ultimately unprepared against the Browns or not doesn’t matter since this will all be forgotten in a few weeks as the season continues.

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